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Single-cam, half hour, comedy series

A group of degenerate street performing clowns struggle to make ends meet as they unabashedly commit to living life to the fullest.

*Lookbook, video sample and Pilot available upon request.


A Clown in the Basement
Single-cam, half hour, comedy series

When a self made, tightly-wound woman inherits a house from her estranged grandmother, she must learn to live with her polar opposite, her cousin, who is a professional clown (yes, clown) residing in the basement. A latinx female odd-couple. 


The Christmas Grind
Single-cam, mockumentary, comedy series

The often ignored support staff of the North Pole reluctantly work their shitty jobs and rely on each other’s friendship and connection to make it through the day while the rest of the North Pole enjoys the wonderment of their joyful positions. 

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Gothic Fools 
Single-cam, horror-comedy, anthology series

A half-hour neo-gothic anthology series featuring character-driven horror stories filtered into goofy human conflict to further examine the human condition. It exposes truthful comedic moments in impossibly dangerous and mysterious situations. 

*Lookbook and Pilot are available.

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Black Friday

When a dead body is found in the breakroom on the busiest shopping day of the year, the degenerate employees have to find a way to dispose of the body unnoticed or risk getting their store shutdown and their easy jobs terminated for good.  

*Script and Sample Trailer available. 


The Ballad of Blind-Eye Jenkins

Misfit, coming-of-age comedy

The true story of Tsuyoshi Natori, a Japanese misfit, who survived traveling off grid through the American South with only his harmonica and his rice cooker at his side. 

*Script available. 


Written by

Screenplays and Pitch Docs available upon request

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